Red Egg & Ginger Party Favor Ideas
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: FLOWERS4

Red Egg & Ginger Party Favor Ideas

Celebrating a baby's 1st month of birth is a big day for the Chinese families. Traditionally, this is the day the parents introduce the baby to the rest of the family and their friends. It is also the day they name the baby as a sign of formally accepting the baby into the family.

This special day is celebrated by a Red Egg and Ginger party to commemorate the survival of the baby into his/ her first month. The significance of this is that the color red means good luck and happiness, while the egg represents harmony and unity. Ginger is for adding a touch of warmth to the food — yang, which gives strength to the weak mother after giving birth — yin.

For the party, the customary gift to send guests off — or a thank you gift — is a pack of biscuits with pork in them. But aside from that you can also thank those who attended the celebration with a more modern gift that still has a touch of tradition in them.

One great idea is aside from giving guests with an actual red egg (which they can use to cook breakfast or bake something with) why not give out egg-shaped chocolates wrapped in red foil. It's also something that children can enjoy after the party.

Another party favor idea is having coin banks or figurines in the shape of the zodiac sign the baby is born in. You can have it personalized by having the name of the baby and date of the party etched in the party favor.

In keeping with the red egg and ginger theme, thank your guests with a sweet mix of ginger candy, almond candy, chocolates, and any other candy treat you want to mix in with the ginger treat. You can have it packed in a personalized Chinese take-out box to add a bit of whimsy.

Still keeping it traditional and at the same time quirky, a red egg-shaped soap is also a great favor idea. Aside from being a useful item around the house, it's something that guests will appreciate. You can keep it simple by having tiny soaps packaged in red netting.

If you are feeling creative you can take it upon yourself to make the party favor or have your friends help you out. One really cute Do-It-Yourself project you can do is to make little yarn eggs. Personalize it by attaching a tag to the egg yarn.

You can also have specially made egg-shaped cookies with red icing. Pipe in the name of the baby and the date on top and wrap it in cellophane or a Chinese take-out box as well.

Cupcakes also make a great party favor idea for a red egg and ginger party. You can have it in a red velvet flavor to keep it within the theme.

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