Top 10 Bridesmaids Gifts
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: SMILE4

Top 10 Bridesmaids Gifts

You've made the decision to ask some of your closest female friends or relatives to support you as bridesmaids through the wedding process. Now comes the hard part of picking out the right bridesmaids gifts for your bridesmaids. You want each of your bridesmaids to feel special for being a part of your big event but you don't want to break the bank. Here are several ideas for giving that perfect bridesmaid gift to those great women you're lucky to have in your life.

  1. I have been a bridesmaid several times over and probably the most common gift I have received has been jewelry. The great thing about jewelry is your bridesmaids can wear it on the wedding day to add that additional touch. I would recommend choosing something that works well with the bridesmaid dresses but also something that they can wear again. An engraved charm bracelet with her initials on it is a great idea and adds an elegant accent to her ensemble. For a little more color, choose a swarovski crystal bracelet which also includes an engraved charm to add that personal touch. A simple necklace or earrings can be a nice gift as well.
  2. Another idea to add to jewelry is a personalized jewelry case. You can wrap it up nicely with the jewelry inside. Instead of a box, you can also give an embroidered jewelry roll. These are great for your friends that are always on the go but need something to keep their jewelry organized.
  3. Traveling has become more difficult with all the new regulations regarding how you pack your bags that it is nice to have some help with the organization. Give your bridesmaids a personalized travel case to carry all there beauty necessities wherever they go. Or for something a little more compact, a personalized toiletry bag is a great alternative carrying case for all your small things. A trendy luggage tag is the perfect finishing touch and dresses up any suitcase.
  4. If your bridesmaids are like most women, they probably wear makeup. Most women have some sort of cosmetic bag to carry it all and if they are like me, they have probably had the same one for a while. Why not give them something fun and new that they will definitely use like a custom embroidered cosmetic bag in the season's hottest color? Match the bags to your wedding colors and the bridesmaid dresses for a special touch.
  5. Another bridesmaid gift that I have gotten in the past is a personalized picture frame. The bride put a great picture of the two of us in it and engraved a personal thank you note on the outside of the frame. It is definitely a gift that I still show off on my shelf at home.
  6. Most women these days have a membership to a gym or like to have some sort of physical activity in their daily routine. Giving them a personalized tote bag that they can use to carry all their gym clothes is a thoughtful idea. Even if they don't use it as a gym bag, it can be a great everyday bag. For those yoga enthusiasts, a personalized yoga bag is a sure winner.
  7. I have always been the type of person who plans a trip to the last detail but then can't find my keys on the way out the door! So I love the engraved photo keychain I got as a bridesmaid gift one year.. Now I can keep all my keys together (and they are easier to find). It has been a very useful, and practical gift.
  8. For the professional women in your bridal party, another practical gift is a personalized business card case. You can find some fun and elegant styles that are perfect for each woman. Fancy pens are also a great addition to anyone's desk. Blown glass pens are a unique gift that anyone can use.
  9. I have come to appreciate a nice glass of wine, especially after a long day! Giving your bridesmaids an engraved wine box is a classy and personal gift that your wine lovers will appreciate. If you are under a tight budget, a personalized jute wine bag is a great alternative. You can include a bottle of her favorite wine in the box or bag. If your bridesmaids prefer cocktails, try personalized martini glasses or a set of engraved drinking glasses. Again, with each of these, you can include a drink mix (or bottle) of each person's favorite drink.
  10. Themed weddings are a lot of fun and you can carry the same theme throughout the day and even for you bridesmaids' gifts. For instance, if you are doing a Christmas wedding, give your bridesmaids holiday ornaments. An engraved photo ornament is great because you can include a picture of you and your bridesmaid and it can be something that she can keep and use for years to come! Another example is with a beach themed wedding. You can give beach towels or a personalized beach bag. Either one of these items would be a great practical gift that they are sure to love.

As you plan your wedding, each decision can be consuming. Hopefully these bridesmaid gift ideas have made this decision a little easier for you!

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