Spring Wedding Favors & Decoration Ideas
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: MEMORABLE4

Spring Wedding Favors & Decoration Ideas


Classes are finally coming to a close, and students can't wait to put down their pens and papers to enjoy the upcoming holiday. For those who are graduating, it's a well?deserved break from all the hard work that they've put in their studies. It's an exciting time but also a little bit sad because some people will be moving on and saying goodbye. When you're planning a party for your graduating child, you must make it as memorable as possible. Also, keep the graduate in the loop for decisions on what they like or don't like for their party.

Host To?do List

Pre-planning: 3 weeks before the party

This is about how much time you need to prepare for a graduation party. During this time you need to finalize the major details of the event, as well as whom to invite to the party.

  1. Set the date – Do you want it right after the graduation ceremony? Or do you want to have it a few days after? It's important to know when you are going to have the graduation party so you won't have to compete with other parents.

  2. Choose a venue – Most graduation parties are held at home, especially if you're planning an intimate one. But for a grand graduation party (like going off to college or graduating college), then you might need a bigger venue like a restaurant or banquet hall.

  3. Make your guest list – Coordinate with the graduate and determine who they want to invite to the party. If you have a young child, you need to consider inviting the parents as well as the siblings. For older children, it may not be necessary.

  4. Finalize your budget – Once you have the date and number of people attending your party, you can now decide and budget how much you want to spend for the party.

  5. Send save?the?dates ? Now that you've settled the guest list and your budget, send out your save?the?date notices via e?mail or post before sending your invitations (we recommend our friends at Greeting Card Universe).

Planning the details: 1 week before the party

As the day of the party comes closer, and you have the major details ironed out, it's time to decide on what to serve, what to do, and how to decorate your venue.

  • Food – when planning your graduation party menu, consider what your child would like. Ask for their suggestions, after all the party is all about them.

  • Decorations – add some dazzle to your party because graduating is something to be happy about. Scatter some sparkling confetti on your table and hang a "Congratulations" banner on the wall. Nothing says party quite like balloons, so you might also want to consider this.

  • Games – to make the event more fun, it's always a good idea to prepare games for your guests. Make it age?appropriate so that your invitees can participate. Some ideas for games include "Pictionary", "Twister", "Bring Me", and "Pinata".

  • Prizes – if you're having games, entice more participants by giving out prizes. It will surely be appreciated by the winners.

  • Favors – give your guests something to remember the day by. Simple graduation party favors like a bag of candies or picture frame are affordable and nice.

Graduation Party FAQs and Etiquette

It's not easy to plan any kind of party, but especially one that will mean so much to the celebrant. So to make sure you get your important questions answered, read on.

How do I ensure that my guests will be able to attend my party?
As many other parents will celebrate their child's graduation, what you can do is talk to them and check if they're planning some kind of party as well. It's better to coordinate or co?host a graduation party so you can also save on costs.

What kinds of food can I serve at the party?
For the younger ones, you might have to go with fares like fried chicken, ice cream, spaghetti, and cupcakes. For the older ones, something more appropriate like salads, corn, nachos, and sandwiches. Make sure you prepare lots of beverages such as juices, sodas, and fruit punches.

Although I want my child to receive gifts at the party, it's not something I want to enforce on my guests. How do I put that across subtly?
You can mention something like "Your presence is gift enough" in your invites. This way you're giving them the option to bring or not bring a present to the party.

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