Trendy Party Favors that have Guests Talking
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: SMILE4

Trendy Party Favors that have Guests Talking

Want to throw a party that people will talk about for weeks to come? There are many elements to throwing a buzz-worthy party, not the least of which is trendy party favors. Whether you are hosting a bridal shower, a wedding or a birthday party, today's selection of trendy favors is greater than ever. A thoughtful goodie bag goes a long way to leave a great impression on your guests.

Unique Baby Shower Favors and Bridal Shower Favors

The surprise, all-female baby and bridal showers of yesteryear have changed. Today, office wedding showers and co-ed baby showers are commonplace. That means unique baby shower favors and trendy bridal shower favors have to appeal to both men and women.

Chocolates, plantable seeds, magnets, cookies, frames, tea and coffee are acceptable shower favors that will appeal to those in attendance, male or female. However, edgy, creative or custom-made favors are the ones that set trends and are worthy of conversation. And nowadays unique favors are only a few clicks away thanks to Internet companies that specialize in party favors.

A popular trend for both baby showers and wedding showers is themed favors. Themes for baby shower favors can be as simple as colors more involved like nursery rhymes, baby books, teddy bears, or planes and trains. A wedding shower theme can be a tea party, where personalized tea bags would serve as a useful favor. A "favorite memories" theme might have an album that guests could fill in with stories and photos of special moments with the bride or groom. A popular theme is "Around the Clock" where each guest is assigned a time of day for which to buy a gift for the bride. For example, if you're assigned to 8AM, your gift could be a coffee maker. A great favor for an "around the clock" shower is an elegant miniature clock. With a themed shower you can guarantee guests will be talking about your event for years.

Trendy Wedding Favors

Just like baby shower favors, today's trendy wedding favors can also follow a theme. For example, if you're holding a beach wedding, beach wedding favors such as beach-chair picture frames or ornamental sea shells would fit well.

Many couples use wedding favors to illustrate their themes. Popular "punny" favors are key chains, which could symbolize the Key to Happiness or chocolate for a Love is Sweet theme. A recently popular wedding favor is a seedling in a miniature flower pot, which represents a Love Grows theme.

Weddings around holidays are perfect candidates for trendy themed favors. Ornaments are a great touch for December weddings while sparklers and matches would be perfect for July weddings.

Finally, cultural weddings abound with trendy wedding favor ideas. For example, a silver fortune cookie place card holder or double happiness chopsticks would be fitting favors for Chinese weddings.

Cool Birthday Party Favors

Cool birthday party favors for adults could range from inexpensive, yet delectable edible sweets, such as personalized cookies, to gourmet chocolates or bottles of wine from a local winery.

If games of chance are the choice for birthday party entertainment, perhaps custom printed poker chips with a personalized message would be appropriate. Other adult party favors include engraved flasks, handmade glass salt and pepper shakers and mini chess sets.

Finally, a growing trend in favors that would work for any event including showers, weddings and birthdays is when the hosts make donations to their favorite charity on behalf of each guest. A card that states "A donation has been made to charity in your honor" is given to everyone in attendance.

Whatever the event, be a trendsetter by finding unique and impressive party favors.

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