Unique Baby Shower Themes
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: SWIM4

Unique Baby Shower Themes

Looking for a creative way to shower the mommie-to-be? Here's a good place to start. Check out these novel baby shower ideas that will have mommies and daddies-to-be clapping with joy.

  • Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

    – Going green is all the rage these days—and for good reason. Help get this new little life off to a great start with an environmentally friendly baby shower. Print your invites on recycled cardstock, and encourage guests to bring green gifts (or re-gifts), wrapped in recycled newsprint. Gift ideas might include organic cotton receiving blankets and clothing, wooden toys, frozen meals the expectant couple can make after the baby is born, or coupons for babysitting. Have guests also offer written advice that you can bind into a book for the couple after the shower is over. Plantable seed cards make the perfect favors for this eco-friendly shower.
  • Spa Shower

    – Sometimes what an expectant mother really needs is a foot rub. Organize a mani-pedi party at your local nail salon, or bring a team of professionals into your home for the occasion. Mini-facials and chair massages can add an extra special touch to the day. Decorate with aromatherapy candles and scatter rose petals around the room to create a true feeling of tranquility. Offer everyone a custom bottled water and hot towel upon arrival. Encourage guests to bring gifts for the new mommy—like bubble bath, monogrammed terrycloth slippers, or a gift certificate for a prenatal yoga class. Lay out a selection of healthy snacks like fresh fruits, veggie trays, light sandwiches—and just a few sweet treats (like chocolate dipped strawberries). Ensure that the seating is conducive to girl talk, and you've got all the makings to help the guest of honor relax as she prepares for the new baby.

  • Grandparent Shower

    – If the mommy-to-be lives close to her parents, there's a good chance that she will take them up on any offers to watch the baby after he or she arrives. A grandparent shower can be a great way to ensure that mom's favorite babysitters have everything they need to keep baby occupied away from home—and it just may save her the hassle of toting the toys and other baby supplies back and forth. If the grandmother-to-be is preparing for her first grandchild, her own friends may want to welcome her into the “nanna club” with a shower just for her. Consider a Little Red Riding theme for this occasion, and offer a picnic-style meal that includes plenty of goodies. Off to grandmother's house everyone is sure to go!

  • Safety Shower

    – Sure, she may only be seven months pregnant today, but that little one will be crawling before she knows it. Life with a newborn can become so overwhelming that it can be hard to prepare for the day that baby becomes mobile. A safety shower is a great way to help the expectant parents prepare well in advance. Have guests choose a different safety item to gift mom at the shower (outlet covers, cupboard door latches, window alarms, etc.). Mom is sure to sleep better at night knowing she is prepared for the day her little one is on the go (after her sleep schedule normalizes, of course).

  • Nine Months Pregnant Shower

    – If your friend's big baby belly has her feeling uncomfortable, surprise her with a shower where of everyone arrives nine months pregnant! Be sure to note the “dress code” on the invitations—and encourage guests to come as expectant celebrities! Dole out a prize for the best-dressed and supply baby bottle votive candles as favors. When planning the menu for the afternoon, be sure to include the guest-of-honor's pregnancy cravings, as well as the ever-popular pickles (on deli sandwiches) and ice cream. A sundae bar is sure to please everyone with sugar, sprinkles, and a cherry on top!

  • Don't Forget Daddy Shower

    – If you're looking for a way to mix things up right from the start, consider hosting a co-ed shower. After all, why should dad miss out on all of the fun? A couples' party can be a great idea for the expectant parents who know that they may not have much time to socialize after their little one is born or for the second-time couple. If you do decide to include dad, make sure everyone knows that it's a co-ed party, so that he's not the only guy there. Also, you may want to tone down any frilly décor to make the guys feel more comfortable. Consider hosting a luau-themed barbeque outside, complete with a limbo contest and barbecue sauce party favors—or give the party a sports theme, and play a diaper-changing relay race (using dolls). Dad is certain to benefit from the practice!


  • “Sprinkles” Shower

    – A first time mama usually gets lots of great gear, but what can you do for her the second time around? “Sprinkles” showers can be a wonderful way to “sprinkle” the mommy-to-be with love before her life is turned upside down all over again. Sprinkles are scaled-down versions of the traditional baby shower. They are often held in low-key locations like a park or coffee shop. And while it's true that the guest of honor may not need the basics for baby, she still might appreciate a few small gifts. Consumable items like diapers, baby shampoos, and powders are always appreciated. Or, you could have a “Cleaning and Casseroles” party right at her house, with teams assembling ready-to-freeze meals and a relay race to help mom clean before baby number two arrives.

  • Kiddy Lit Shower

    – Books can offer a great theme for a sprinkle—or a shower! Ask guests to come bearing children's books with a personal dedication to the newborn written inside. And consider using your favorite childhood book to inspire a theme for the afternoon. Host a tea party fit for Alice, or say “Goodnight, Moon” by hanging a constellation of stars from the ceiling. You might even want to hold a Dr. Seuss brunch, complete with green eggs and ham. Your friends will eat them here and there. Your friends will eat them anywhere!

  • Shower in a Box

    – If the mommy-to-be has recently relocated to a far away place, consider sending her a “shower in a box.” Pull your friends together to assemble a care package made especially for her. Consider giving the package a theme, and have everyone coordinate the gifts to match. Traditional shower themes might be fun here—like a baby gift for each time of the day, gifts for baby's first bath, or local gifts from the place she just left behind. Don't forget to include a handwritten note from everyone involved. She is sure to feel your love, even if she's on the other side of the world.

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