Unique Bridal Shower Themes and Ideas
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Unique Bridal Shower Themes and Ideas

The traditional bridal shower is hosted at the home of someone close to the bride and consists of cake, lunch, and presents. However, sometimes adding a little flair can take your event from good to great. A modern bridal shower is the perfect time to create an event that is uniquely tailored to the bride and her own interests. Does she love to cook? Is the bride craving some relaxation amidst work and wedding preparations? Could they use some help paying for their once in a lifetime honeymoon getaway? Think about what the bride would want and with that in mind, it's easy to design a unique and stylish event to give the bride what she will value most. Here are some tips and ideas from bridal shower gifts to wedding shower favors to help you in your plans.

Once upon a time, people threw china showers where guests were invited to contribute a set amount of money towards the purchase of the bride's china pattern. The set would then be on display at the event. These days many couples are more interested in planning an amazing honeymoon rather than purchasing fancy china. If the bride and groom are planning a big getaway or if they are marrying later and have most of the traditional registry items, throwing a honeymoon shower can be a fun and helpful twist on the classic china shower. To get your guests in the proper frame of mind, send invitations using postcards or photos of the couple's planned destination, serve traditional food from their country of choice, and offer unique bridal shower favors like personalized luggage tags or suitcase favor tins. The bridal shower gifts are easy for the guests since everyone contributes the amount they choose or one set by the hostess. To make it easier, find a honeymoon registry where the bride can register for activities to do such as dinner at a five star restaurant, hot air balloon ride, snorkeling, or even the cost of a plane ticket and then the guests can simply contribute the amount of money for that specific honeymoon activity.

Wellness Shower

Some brides are so busy juggling work and wedding plans that they crave time to relax and pamper themselves. A wellness shower can be just the ticket. These showers are easiest to plan when held at a spa or nail salon. Bridal packages are often available at spas and salons and anything additional is simply covered by the guests themselves. Hostesses can arrange for lunch or snacks and wedding shower favors such as flip flops or personalized spa towels but there is little else required. As a more inexpensive alternative, instead of hosting this themed shower at an actual spa or salon, get creative and make your own spa at someone's house. You can purchase or make your own materials for facials, and then take turns giving each other pedicures. Hire a masseuse to come by the house and then take turns giving everyone their own massage. Set the theme with relaxing music and by giving your guests their own bathrobe and slippers. A fun way to get your guests to participate in the theme is to encourage them to bring bridal shower gifts in keeping with the theme such as bedding, workout or lounging clothes, candles, relaxing music, lucky bamboo plants or a cozy bath robe – anything that promotes wellness.

Kitchen Shower

If the bride and groom love to cook, look no further than the kitchen for your theme. Invite friends over and cook the meal together. You can even invite someone in to teach a cooking class and later enjoy eating your delicious creations together. You can also hold a bake off and have your guests bring along a dessert to be judged by the bride and the other members of the bridal party. Bridal shower gifts are just about anything you can put in a kitchen cabinet from bowls to utensils to spices and some thoughtful wedding shower favors to give your guests might be heart-shaped measuring spoons or personalized tea bags with the name of the bride and date of the event.

However you choose to delight the bride, be sure to include wedding shower favors and bridal shower gifts that match your theme for a memorable event.

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