Unique Bridesmaid Gift for Your Best Girls
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: TULIPS4

Unique Bridesmaid Gift for Your Best Girls

Most brides-to-be will do whatever they can to make sure that their wedding is a day to remember for their guests and themselves. In creating a memorable day, most brides strive to find unique details to make their day special. Your bridesmaids have probably helped you to make the most of your special day, so when choosing their bridesmaid gifts, make sure that they are unique to them. When choosing these mementos, consider your bridesmaids and where their interests lie for the perfect bridesmaid gifts. You might also consider whether you can tie in a shared love or memory within them.

In picking out some unique gifts, keep in mind the following pointers:

  1. Travel lovers – For the girl who loves to travel, the perfect bridesmaid gift might be something that takes her wanderlust into account. Start a scrapbook with some pictures of travels you two have taken, or perhaps give her a personalized photo box or album along with a sturdy leather journal to document her trips. You could also give her a personalized compass or perhaps a nice carry-on bag if her usual bag is looking a bit worse for the wear. If she is on the adventurous side, you might give her an experience gift, such as a mountain biking or surf lesson.
  2. Those who love to pamper themselves – This girl probably loves to indulge in comfort and rightly so. You could purchase a set of her favorite brand of shampoos and body washes along with scented candles and lotions. You could also send her on a spa trip, or perhaps give her some items to pamper herself at home, such as an escapist beach read paired with plush slippers and a comfortable bathrobe.
  3. The foodie – This girl loves to eat and drink! Give her a gift card to the hottest restaurant in town, or perhaps import some delicious treat that might not be readily available and pack them in a picnic basket, such as Italian blood oranges, Spanish cava, or a selection of French cheeses. If she is particularly fond of cooking, give her some items to stock her kitchen such as an insulated wine carrier paired with a bottle of her favorite wine, a new set of baking gloves paired with some fancy mixes, or some olive oil and balsamic vinegar bottles that can also be used to decorate her kitchen.
  4. For the girl on-the-go – A personalized tote bag is perfect for the girl that's always on the go. You could even stock it with an airline friendly zippered bag filled with travel sized containers, as well as some weekend reading and a travel sized umbrella for those surprise rainy days. She might also enjoy an ipod adapter for her car if she doesn't already have one or some audiobooks for the long drives. If she is always working out, give her a personalized aluminum water bottle along with a brand new pair of sneakers or some cute flip flops for her to wear after her daily yoga class. If she likes to run, hit up a specialty running store and purchase a slim running pouch to hold her valuables or even a new running jacket.

Your bridesmaids have been there for you, so show them how much they mean to you by giving them each something that reflects them rather than the group as a whole.

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