Unique Ideas for Theme Parties
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: SWIM4

Unique Ideas for Theme Parties

Decorations are essential to parties and personalized decorations and party supplies are crucial to creating a lasting impression. There are plenty of decorating ideas out there but a good host creates parties that stand out and are remembered. Personalize parties with a theme and style that expresses the mood of the celebration for the best effect.

Wine and Cocktail Themed Parties

Wine and cocktail parties are popular for their sophistication. To host a memorable wine or cocktail party, hosts can personalize party decorations and party favors to enhance the experience for their guests. Greet guests with martini glasses filled with cocktail flavored jelly beans. For a twist on classic cocktails, serve cocktail flavor infusions at the party and let your guests act as mixologists. Flavor infusion pyramids can be customized with personalized stickers with the party's date printed as a small detail that creates a great impression. Add customized coasters to the mix for an unexpected conversation piece. Mini champagne bucket place card holders are great additions to a wine tasting party. Fill each with palate cleansing crackers and a card to identify the wine. For the perfect wine party favor, hand out personalized stem less wine glasses to guests.

Eco-friendly Parties

Kermit the frog says, "It's not easy being green". That may be the case, but throwing an eco-friendly, "green" party is a piece of cake!

Start with nature-inspired decorations such as bamboo table runners and eco-friendly bamboo coasters that also serve as party favors. Contemporary square glass vases filled with bamboo stalks and a few lilies or a cluster of lucky bamboo plants in varied colored pots would make stunning centerpieces. Some lucky bamboo plants are affordable enough to give away as favors for guests. Spice up party favors like the bamboo coasters, sandalwood hand fans and lucky bamboo plants with personalized labels and stickers that have designs that predominantly green and brown and perhaps sprinkled with orchids and cherry blossom artwork for a feminine touch.

To drive the eco-friendly message home, give each guest his own eco-friendly tote bag as a practical and stylish party favor.

Travel Themed Parties

For those with perpetual wanderlust and a taste for extravagance, a travel themed party is the perfect way to celebrate any special occasion. Silver, glass and clean lines, along with pieces that hint on travel make the best decorations. Customize the party supplies with personalized labels with silver monograms. Create a table setting that pops with personalized beverage napkins with matching monogram in silver. Glass vases with deep red roses as centerpieces exude elegance. For a hint of nautical travel, dot the table with silver sailboat place card holders or take silver luggage tags and tie one around each table napkin. Personalized travel candles make thoughtful travel themed party favors.

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