Wedding Invitation Options and Accessories
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: GROW4

Wedding Invitation Options and Accessories

There's a lot more to invitations than just the invitations. There are all kinds of nifty extras out there for your choosing. Check out some of the additional services and accessories that you might want to consider.

Invitation Proof

All printers are professionals at printing invitations. They wouldn't be in the business if they didn't take care of each customer to ensure that their wording and invitations look their best. Each order is reviewed to make sure that your wording is grammatically and socially correct.

Often times you may request that your wording be printed in another language, or you may want to add extra lines over the recommended amount. In these instances, or if you are concerned about how your wording will look, there is always the option to purchase a proof of your wedding invitation ensemble. Once your order is placed the printer will review and format your wording, in the typestyle you have selected, so that it will fit neatly on your invitation. At this point, if you have purchased a proof of your invitation, they will fax or email you a copy of how the wording looks. Once you approve the proof they will send it to print. Additional proofs of the same printed item and major changes may cost more. If you would like a proof of the return address, response card, reception card or any other printed item, they usually charge for those separately. Please note that the proofing process will add a few extra days to the turn around time on your order.

Printing Process

The type of printing process you select will depend on the formality of your invitation, your budget, and your personal preference. This is probably one of the most important elements to consider, since it will create the tone for your entire invitation ensemble. Please view our complete Invitation Printing Options below for detailed information on various types of printing options available in the market today.

Return Address Printing

The return address is printed on the flap of the invitation outer envelope. It can also be printed on the envelope of the Response set and the flap of the Informal/Thank You card. When an address is printed on the flap of an envelope, it is customary for only the address to appear without the name(s). For the Response set, both name and address are used since it must be addressed to a specific person. A printed return address is often an added cost, but is well worth it since it saves you time.

Ink Color

Black ink is used for formal events. However, for a more casual and fun invitation, many ink colors can be used to match your event color scheme. Most printers will include an extra charge for invitations printed in ink other than black. Printers usually charge by printed piece, so if you have an invitation, return address, response card, reception card and thank you card, you will be charged to have 5 items printed. If you would like to use an ink color to tie in your wedding colors or to match an envelope liner, but your budget won't allow for you to use colored ink for all 5 items, you do have options. One recommended option is to select colored ink for the invitation and the enclosures. Then, have your return addresses done in black ink since they are on the outside of the envelope and not seen directly next to the invitation.

Lined Envelopes

If the invitation is ordered with an inner and outer envelope, the inner envelope (if available for your invitation) can be lined with a glossy or patterned paper to add formality or dazzle to your invitation. In cases where there is only an outer envelope, then the outer envelope may be lined. Lining is always available at an extra cost but adds a classy touch if your budget will allow for it. Available color linings depend on what each printer has to offer for each invitation, but will usually match the color of the ink or the invitation itself.


Ribbon is available in many different colors and textures, ranging from sheer, to satin to silk. Ribbon is often used to hold layered invitations together or as an embellishment on top of an invitation or program. Some invitation prices include the ribbon costs, while others offer it as an option, so it is sold separately.

Corner Copy

This is copy printed, often in smaller size typestyle, on the bottom left or right corner of your invitation usually to let people know the reception will immediately follow the ceremony. For many narrow or tea-length invitations corner copy is not recommended, as it looks better centered with the rest of the wording. Corner copy is also used on reception cards to inform people of the dress attire, or as a reminder to R.S.V.P. The costs of corner copy are only charged once (or sometimes included in the cost of the invitation), so if your wording is lengthy, or you are just partial to the look, splurge!


Monograms personalize an invitation, and add classic elegance to your invitation. They can also appear on informal cards and thank you cards. If you select a monogram the proper sequence is: the woman's first initial from her first name appears first, the first letter of the man's last name is the middle initial (sometimes in a larger type style), and the first letter of the man's first name appears last. Motifs are an icon or an image and, like monograms, are also used to decorate an invitation. Depending on the brand, monograms and motifs are often available at a minimal charge. They are available on most cards, however if you would like a monogram or motif to be printed when you are engraving your invitations, please note that it will take a few days extra and may cost a bit more.

Thank you Cards and Newlywed Stationery

If you are a newlywed or are writing letters on stationery that you've had since grade school, it's time you treated yourself and purchased some appropriate stationery! As discussed in the thank you cards section, you can choose to make your thank you cards into more personal note cards with your monogram or generic thank you notes that can be used beyond your wedding. Other stationery items to consider are Enclosure Cards and Letter Sheets. You can have a monogram, your last names or whatever suits you printed on each item.


Are not necessary, but nice to have, particularly if you are having a religious ceremony, or one that incorporates cultural rites that some of your guests may not be familiar with. Wedding programs should not be long, or contain biographical information on everyone in your wedding party. They should include the processional, elements of the service, and brief explanations of any components of the ceremony that may be unfamiliar to some guests.

Place Cards

For a seated lunch or dinner reception for more than 20 people, place cards are necessary to help guide guests to their seats. You can arrange them on a table, usually outside the dining area, in alphabetical order for guests to pick up on their way in, or you can have ushers with a complete guest list direct them to their tables where their place cards are already in place.

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