Invitation Enclosures
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: BEACH4

Invitation Enclosures

These types of enclosures are usually used for formal events such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and corporate dinner/cocktail receptions.

Response Card

This card allows your guests to inform you if they will be attending your event and how many people they will be bringing with them. Response cards should be sent out accompanied by an addressed, pre-stamped envelope to encourage your guests to send it back. These cards can be blank with your own handwritten message on them or they can be printed with your wording. R.S.V.P. deadlines should be no later than two weeks before the special day, or whenever your caterer needs a final count. If after two weeks you haven't heard from some people, phone calls can be made to those having trouble putting pen to paper. This gives you time to figure out exactly how many people will be in attendance. One simple trick that will save you lots of time is to lightly number the response cards on the back in correspondence with the number that appears next to your guest on the list. When you receive your response cards, you can just check the number on the card with the number on your list so you won't have a splitting headache trying to read everyone's fancy handwriting.

Reception Card

One invitation will serve the purpose when all of the guests are invited to both the ceremony and reception and it is at the same location. You may choose to say 'Reception immediately following,' or 'Dinner and Dancing immediately following' to inform your guests that the reception will be held in the same location as the ceremony. However, when the ceremony and reception are held in different locations, you may enclose a reception card. Or, when only a select number of guests are invited to the reception, a separate card is enclosed. It should be of the same paper and type style and is generally half the size.

Map/Direction Card

This card may be essential to ensure that no one gets lost or ends up arriving late to your event. You can either hand draw the map or have the ceremony site give you a copy of their own map and have it printed on the card. Clearly written street names and clear map drawings will certainly help out the chronically lost. For the most elegant look, have the same printer of your invitations also print your directions card. This way, you can be sure that the paper stock chosen will match your invitations perfectly. An alternative to sending the directions cards with the invitations, is to send it upon receiving their response card indicating that they are planning on attending your event.

Accommodation Cards

You may want to send this card with the invitations going to your out of town guests listing hotels or places to rent in the area you are having your wedding. Include phone numbers and any information they will need to know to schedule a place to stay. This is especially helpful if your wedding will take place at a vacation spot.

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