Cultural Wedding Traditions and Customs

Cultural Wedding Traditions and Customs

What is the perfect wedding? There are plenty of wedding planning kits out there complete with a checklist to help guide couples through the process. Though thoughtful, one can't help but feel that the checklist might hinder the imagination, and lead the bride to believe that the elements on the list and only those elements are what make the perfect wedding. The point is, there is a formula that is widely used, and if you've attended a few weddings, you should be familiar with the routine. Though convenient, weddings executed in this fashion meet the danger of becoming forgettable.

In a nation as rich in diversity as the United States, it is not uncommon for couples to come from colorful ethnic backgrounds. Many brides and grooms would love to marry in the tradition of their native ancestors, but being products of American culture as well, want to have the white wedding they've always envisioned. There is an abundance of solutions to satisfy all of these desires. Bringing wedding traditions and customs to a wedding is not only a fantastic way to share something personal with the guests, but a sincere tribute to the families who have come together. Try incorporating wedding decorations, wedding supplies and other touches that celebrate your culture. This can be as simple as having an ethnic menu instead of "beef or chicken", or serving sangria or sake for toasting instead of champagne. You could even include polka, or bhangra in the musical repertoire. The smallest out of the ordinary gesture can set the mood for the entire event.

Needless to say, the stars of the wedding are the bride and groom. Isn't it only natural to showcase their lives, and spotlight their love? The most poignant weddings will touch the hearts of those in attendance and make even the most distant relative and that friend of a friend of a friend feel as if they've known you all their lives. The wedding doesn't have to be small and exclusive to be intimate and personal. Even the smallest attention to detail and thinking outside the package can make an otherwise cookie-cutter wedding into a distinct affair that reflects the couple's nature, and ensures that their special day makes an indelible impression on all. The following cultures offer some touching ways to show your soon-to-be spouse how much you love them, as well as allow your guests to take part in the fun. While many of these traditions have been around for centuries, it's very possible that for your guests these traditions will seem fresh and original and so they make great ways to have a very personal and meaningful theme wedding. So why not have a little fun with your ceremony and celebrate your culture or your spouse's culture at the same time. Click on any of the following links for a look into that culture's traditions.



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