Last-minute baby shower
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Last-minute baby shower

When a woman gets pregnant, her friends and family members usually have around eight months to put together a baby shower bash to celebrate her soon-to-arrive bundle of joy. Unfortunately, putting off the planning until month seven or eight can be extremely tempting, but pregnancy timelines do not always go according to plan. There are many reasons that a baby might need to be delivered early via c-section, and thousands of little ones are brought into the world before their due dates each year. Unfortunately, this can make party planning difficult for hosts who thought they had more time! If you're looking to throw a chic event with only a few days to prepare, here are some things to remember.

1. Technology is your friend. Although traditional baby shower invitations are usually mailed out a few weeks before the big day, there is no reason to panic when throwing a last-minute event. E-cards are perfectly acceptable for this type of gathering and several websites are available to help you send out your electronic invite fast. Utilizing the internet can help you to keep track of the guest list without having to waste time sorting through R.S.V.P cards, and will give you an opportunity to keep guests updated about any changes that need to be made. Many ladies like to hold on to the paper invites they receive to weddings and showers, so you should prepare some physical token for guests to take home for their records. Ask the mom-to-be for her most recent sonogram picture and give out copies in adorable button picture frames to keep everyone happy.

2. You're not alone! When it comes to a last-minute party, you should expect to have all hands on deck. Although you should take the time to set up decorations for the event, asking guests to bring along a homemade dish can make the menu extremely easy to plan. Create cutesy cupcakes in patterned wrappers for a delicious dessert item that is sure to please! You may also wish to use pre-made items to fill out your finger food selection, like delicious baby petit fours or custom made baby shower cookies.

3. It's all about the mom-to-be. If the guest of honor has just learned that she will be delivering earlier than expected, she might be a little nervous. Make sure that you keep her well informed about the shower's time and location to avoid stressing her out with a last-minute surprise. Spending the day surrounded by her closest family members and friends is sure to help quell her fears! Send her home with a pre-made baby shower gift basket containing all of the items she will soon need to take care of her little one.

Remember, it really is the thought that counts when it comes to baby showers. It doesn't matter what you do or don't do during the day, the expecting lady in your life is sure to be thankful for having such a good friend!
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