Wedding Invitations & Other Stationery Etiquette
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: JULY2

Wedding Invitations & Other Stationery Etiquette

Invitations Overview

Invitations are your chance to set the mood for your celebration. Will it be traditional and formal or will you have lots of your own touches in a more casual setting? Or will your celebration lie somewhere in between?

Most people want to do “what’s right.” But the right thing is for you to consider your budget and your event. Invitations can be a complex mailing with multiple inserts (link to parts of an invitation) that follow a Save the Date card or a simple notice of where your celebration will take place.

The only “musts” to invitations are easy to remember if you keep in mind that you’re inviting someone to an event and you want to get them there … and on time! If you’re not hosting an event that people will attend, you will want to send an Announcement rather than an invitation.

Of course, there are endless ways to invite people to events. Following etiquette tradition would not only make Miss Manners and Emily Post smile, but you as well. Creating the perfect invitation to your event can be enjoyable and will offer everyone a keepsake of the event.

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