Wedding Invitations and Stationery Etiquette
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: SUNNY4

Wedding Invitations and Stationery Etiquette

For every special occasion in life, especially involving your wedding, the right stationery will help you communicate and share the special moment with your loved ones. Wedding invitations are your friends' and family's first opportunity to participate in the special occasion. Beyond conveying the theme of the occasion, printed wedding invitation stationery also serves a more functional role by communicating important details of the occasion like the directions to the reception, where to stay and what to wear.

Most people want to do "what's right." But the right thing is for you to consider your budget and your event. Invitations can be a complex mailing with multiple inserts that follow a Save the Date card or a simple notice of where your celebration will take place.

The only "musts" to invitations are easy to remember if you keep in mind that you're inviting someone to an event and you want to get them there ... and on time! Of course, there are endless ways to invite people to events. Following etiquette tradition would not only make Miss Manners and Emily Post smile, but you as well.

In addition, if you are like most people, you might spend a lot of time wondering about the proper way to address a female friend of yours who is a doctor, married and has kept her maiden name. When it comes to printed stationery, proper etiquette is very important and it can also help to convey the theme and mood of your wedding day. We have included some basic guidelines to help you impress your friends and family.

Check out the links below to get started on ordering your invitations and figuring out the proper etiquette in different situations.

What to Know Before You Order Your Wedding Invitations

What to consider before placing an order, your pre-order check list, plus guidelines for when, how, and how many.

General Invitations Wording and Etiquette

Once you've decided on a style, the hard part begins. Taking pen to paper and writing out your wedding invitations is a big task. You want to strike the right tone, observe the rules, and stay true to yourself. So how creative can you be?

Putting them all together and getting them out the door

Ordering your invitations is only half the battle. Once you get them in, there is the task of putting them all together, figuring out postage and sending them out. Is there a right answer to how invitations should be assembled? Yes there is!

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