Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing Wedding Invitations
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Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing Wedding Invitations

First Things First, the Guest List (continued)

Separate Lists

It is also helpful to make a few different lists. First, a list of those to whom you'd like to send invitations. If all of those people will not be invited to the reception, then another list for the reception should be made up. And lastly, a "wish list" of guests you'd like to invite as others decline. You may also choose to send wedding announcements. They're not necessary, but if you've got a lot more friends than you can budget for, announcements might be a good way to share the news of your marriage without having to invite everyone to the wedding.

Your guest list should definitely include the spouse, live-in partner, or fiancé of your guests, even if you don't know him or her.

Don't forget to invite the officiant and his or her spouse, as well as parents of any children in your wedding (ring bearers, flower girls, etc.)

It is not necessary to invite parents of members of your bridal party, unless you are close to them.

Wedding announcements if you choose to send them should be sent to friends, relatives, co-workers, or acquaintances who were not invited to the wedding but with whom you'd like to share the news. They should not be sent to guests who were invited to either the ceremony or reception. An announcement does not obligate the recipient to send a gift. And they should be sent after the wedding, within the first few months, but preferably the first few days.

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