Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing Wedding Invitations
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: SWIM4

Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing Wedding Invitations

First Things First, the Guest List (continued)

What to do about Kids, and Other Guests of Guests

Whether or not you invite children is entirely up to you. If many of your guests have kids, it may be difficult to restrict them from bringing along their little ones. You can communicate your intentions by including or not including their names on the invitation. However, you might want to talk with some of your parental guests first, and if you do decide to exclude children of invited guests, make sure these guests are okay and that your decision isn't causing too much difficulty for them.

You should always invite the spouse, live-in partner, or fiancé of your guests, even if you don't know them personally. If you allow your single guests to bring a date, include "And Guest" on his or her invitation. If budget constraints make this difficult, do not feel obligated to do this. You can also talk with single guests if they are close friends and let them know that due to budget considerations, you would encourage that they only bring a guest who is a significant other.

Cutting Back the Guest List

When you find you have to cut back on your guest list, do it diplomatically.

If you decide to remove co-workers from the list, make sure you leave all them off rather than be selective. Or invite only, and all of your team or department. Make the distinction clear so as not to hurt any feelings.

The same goes for other groups, if you belong to clubs, or have a large, and far extending family, it's best to cut entire groups, rather than trying to decide individually who should and shouldn't be invited.

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