Beau-coup Affiliate Program — State Tax Compliance
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: SUNSHINES4

For Current Affiliates

New York State Tax Compliance

As a response to recently enacted legislation by New York State (Tax Law Section 1101(b)(8)(vi)), which may make Beau-coup Favors liable for sales tax from New York resident affiliates, Beau-coup Favors now requires that all affiliates who are New York state residents agree to the following restrictions on solicitation activities. They must also complete our annual certification form. The next form is due on June 15th, 2011.

If you are a New York resident, please make sure you review the section at the bottom of this page and adjust your practices accordingly. New York affiliates who do not return the certification form in a timely manner will be removed from the program.


As a New York based affiliate, we need to you file an annual compliance form, per our terms and conditions. We have made this form digitally available through ShareASale.

Please login and check the requested boxes and provide your digital signature. We need this form completed by May 31st each year. Unfortunately, any New York affiliate who has not completed this form will be removed from the program until the form is completed, so please take a few seconds to do this now.

If you are not a ShareASale affiliate, you may find the form here.

If you have any questions, please contact our affiliate team

Beau-coup Favors New York Affiliate Compliance Agreement

(Updated 5/17/2011)

As a condition of participation in the Beau-coup Affiliate Program, the Affiliate agrees that its solicitation activities on behalf of Beau-coup Favors within the State of New York shall be limited to only providing a link on Affiliate's website to the Beau-coup website. Affiliate acknowledges that under current New York State law, further solicitation and promotional activities by Affiliate within New York State may render Beau-coup Favors liable for collecting New York State sales tax on all sales to New York customers. Therefore, as a condition of participation in the Beau-coup Affiliate Program, Affiliate is prohibited from engaging in any solicitation activities in New York State intended to refer potential customers to Beau-coup, including, but not limited to: (i) distributing flyers, coupons, newsletters and other printed materials or electronic equivalents of such materials; (ii) engaging in verbal solicitation

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