Easy and Unique Baby Shower Ideas
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOMING2

Easy and Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers are a great way to stock up on any goodies a new mom might need. Guests usually give the new mom basic baby items like bottles and diapers to toys and bedding. Therefore, try to make your shower into an event that everyone can enjoy. Start with a theme and then be sure to provide some entertainment in the form of baby shower games and other fun activities.

If you're planning your shower as a surprise party, get someone to help distract the mom-to-be during that time. Perhaps you can enlist the father to take her out for lunch or have her mom plan a shopping trip. Either way, be sure that she keeps the date open for the party.

Another twist on a surprise party is to plan a gender reveal party. Basically, the parents ask their doctor to write the sex of the baby on a sheet of paper. They can then give that paper to a baker who will bake the inside of a cake blue or pink depending on the gender. Have your guests come dressed in either pink or blue to identify what they think the gender is. Then everyone can join in for the reveal. You can also hand out pacifier necklaces for your guests. Hand out a list of "forbidden words" that they're not allowed to say such as baby, diaper, mommy, etc. and whoever says the words loses their necklace by the person who catches them. The person with the most necklaces wins.

Set the theme of your baby shower with some themed invitations. If you have access to the ultrasound picture, you could even order some personalized invitations that include a picture of the ultrasound. Be sure to hang a customized banner for the new mom-to-be, and have plenty of baby themed goodies including diamond pink and blue confetti and baby bottle candles as decorations. The votives can even double as baby shower favors.

Don't forget about the food. You could have the theme be "baby" and have your food be all baby names including baby back ribs, baby corn, baby shrimp, and anything else you can think of. Indulge in some mocktails instead of the standard soda and water, and be sure to provide plenty of dessert including cake or cupcakes and cookies.

Finish off the party by handing out some unique baby shower favors such as some baby block candles, a favor box filled with color custom fortune cookies, or even some brownie pop pals decorated to look like little animals. This would be especially appropriate if your shower is an animal themed one. Either way, if you follow these suggestions, the new mom to be will be sure to feel special!



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