A Guide to Unique Weddings
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: TULIPS4

A Guide to Unique Weddings

A couple’s wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase their personal style and taste. It is important that each couple take the time to take into account what they like and how they want to feel on their wedding day. Some couples choose to stick to traditional values and wedding styles, other couples like to break all the rules and really express themselves on that special day. A truly unique wedding reflects the personality of the couple in every aspect, celebrating not only their love, but their love of life and what is important to them as a couple and individuals. Whether it is at the ceremony, the reception, or in the small details that contribute to your wedding, make the most of your wedding day and let your personality shine through with some of these unique suggestions.

The Engagement

The engagement is a great opportunity for the bride and groom their personalities and style; and grooms, this is your time to shine! Starting with the proposal, consider what you like to do together as a couple. If you are sports fan, surprise your bride with a proposal at a sports game. If you are nature lovers, why not take your bride on a romantic hike and a picnic lunch for an intimate proposal. For a unique and memorable proposal, the sky is the limit, literally; skywriting, hot air balloon rides, whatever you choose to do, have fun with it. Anyone can propose at a nice restaurant, why not shake it up from the start with a unique proposal that reflects your personalities and will be remembered for a lifetime.

Whether you will have a short or long engagement, you will have many special opportunities to incorporate your personality into the festivities to give your wedding experience a unique flare, starting with your engagement photos and announcements. When choosing a location for your engagement photographs, think about your favorite or memorable places that are important to you as a couple. For example, a fun loving couple might want to take their pictures at a carnival or amusement park to add in that fun factor. If you and your fiancé are movie buffs, set the stage for your own production, or send out save-the-date cards that resemble a movie ticket to your red carpet affair. To add a more personal touch, some couples choose to send out a wedding announcement featuring their fairytale romance. This is a great opportunity to share something very special with your guests.

The Wedding Parties

To work with many different body types in a bridal party, consider giving bridesmaids the option of picking a style that they are comfortable in; this will add a unique look and let each girl express her own style. Bride’s that crave a more eclectic style may choose to incorporate more than just the standard two colors into their wedding. Let the colors of nature or the rainbow be the inspiration for a multi-colored wedding; have each bridesmaid wear a different color. From head to toe, there is an endless list of ways to make your wedding party look unique and fabulous.

Brides with a more flexible budget might look to a designer for inspiration, custom dresses and attire will ensure that your wedding is one of a kind, but it is important to take into account the extra cost of custom dresses. Unique looks can be accomplished with the help of accessories and signature touches. Adding a handmade accessory can give a simple dress a whole new look.

The Bride & Groom

Traditional weddings have a very distinctive style; the classic wedding dress, the bridesmaids all in the same dress, the groom in his black tuxedo and his groomsmen in theirs. Instead of the traditional attire, why not spice it up with your unique style and flare. Not only should a bride look beautiful on her wedding day, but she should also be comfortable, the same goes for the bridal party. How can anyone celebrate and dance the night away if you can hardly breathe of sit down in your gown? Consider choosing a dress that flatters not only you figure, but your personal style and budget. If you are interested in a vintage or antique style, start surfing eBay or vintage marketplaces in search of a gently used, vintage dress. This will compliment your unique style at an affordable price. Consignment and thrift shops are a great if a bride if looking for a special dress on a tight budget. Brides may also consider looking at special event dresses, like prom dresses, that can be made in white or ivory, or add a splash of color to your dress; try a subtle pink dress or a dramatic red dress to stun your guests on your wedding day.

Grooms, break away from the traditional black tuxedo with a unique and comfortable look. If the wedding is casual, take the opportunity to reflect that in the attire. Add a bit of personal style with your favorite tee shirt under your jacket, or accent the look with your favorite hat. Heirlooms and family mementos can be incorporated into the groom’s attire with a vintage pocket watch, handkerchief, or cufflinks. Sneakers are making a more frequent appearance in weddings for both men and women; they not only add a unique touch, but they are also very affordable for the bride, groom, and their wedding party.

The Ceremony

A traditional wedding may take place in a church, chapel, synagogue, or temple, based on the couple’s religious values. If a couple would like to use an alternative setting or their wedding ceremony, consider choosing a location that is meaningful to you as a couple. Some unique ceremony setting might include the place the couple first met, a location that has family meaning, or is just somewhere fun that characterizes the bride and groom. Some couples not interested in a religious ceremony opt for an outdoor setting; this is a unique way to bring in a spiritual element and a good compromise between the bride, groom, and any religious influences that might disapprove of a more radical setting. Using nature as the backdrop for your ceremony is also one way to decrease the cost of the wedding. By using a beautiful outdoor space, the couple may not need to spring for extra flowers or decorations at the ceremony. Gardens, beaches, parks, or shady groves can provide a unique atmosphere for any ceremony.

For the adventurous couple that want to unleash their creativity on their big day, why not incorporate some of your hobbies or passions into the ceremony? If you are a musical couple, incorporate your love of music into the ceremony and show off your talents. If you are a wizard with words, use that talent to write your own vows. Multicultural couples may consider mixing their cultures during their wedding ceremony; if this is the case, take a moment to explain each element to guests that may not be aware of the cultural symbolism that is incorporated.

The Rings

A wedding ring is a special symbol of a couples love and fidelity to each other, but they should also reflect your personality; this can be done in either subtle or outrageous ways. For example, if a couple would like to add a unique flare to their rings, consider having a special love note inscribed into the ring. This can be done on the outside as well as the inside, and can act as a private reminder of the love and commitment. Family heirlooms and antique wedding rings are also a beautiful and may be budget-friendly, depending on the provider, family heirlooms typically do not come with a price and carry more meaning than can be measured.

Couples interested in a more radical ring may consider a tattoo wedding ring to symbolize their everlasting commitment to each other. A tattooed ring can be as intricate, detailed and prominent as the couple choose and is gaining popularity as tattoos become more culturally acceptable to the mainstream public.

The Reception

The reception provides many different opportunities for a couple to express their unique personalities. Small touches can be incorporated at a low cost to give your wedding a little something extra. From the grand entrance to the last dance, the reception is a time to celebrate with friends and family. If you are working with a specific theme, make sure that the reception reflects that theme through the details; this can be done through a consistent element. For example, if you are having a beach theme wedding, serve seafood or use colorful fish in your centerpieces. If you are having a low-key affair, ask friends and family to help add a homemade touch to your reception with custom-made table linens or centerpieces. The reception location is also important and will dictate the atmosphere of the event. Couples should feel comfortable at their reception; it is important to take that into consideration when looking for reception locations.

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