A Kids Holiday Guide from Shamrocks to Pumpkins
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: SWIM4

A Kids Holiday Guide from Shamrocks to Pumpkins

Holidays are a joyous time for most people, especially young children. It is a time of celebration, creating memories with family and friends, and sometimes exchanging presents. Children are overwhelmed with excitement during these times and teachers often try to incorporate upcoming holidays into their lesson plans, activities, and projects. Doing this allows the children to not only have fun and celebrate the holidays but also know the history and meanings behind them. Here are some educational sites on the history of the yearly holidays from St. Patrick's Day to Halloween, along with fun activities and projects on them.

Holiday History

15 Holidays and Their Origins

This site will help you learn about the origins of Listverse's top 15 important holidays.

The History Behind 25 Holidays

Time Magazine helps you explore 25 Holidays coming up in 2018 while learning about the history behind them,

A History of Holidays

Learn about the history of holidays from as early as the Middle Ages up until the 21st Century.

American National Holidays

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History discusses holidays and their meanings from Memorial Day to Thanksgiving.

History of Holidays

Learn about details on the traditions and origins of popular events, holidays, and celebrations.

Christmas Around the World

This site helps you learn all about Christmas, it's traditions, and how people celebrate the holiday around the world.

History of Halloween

Uncover the old history of the spooky Halloween holiday and learn more about just candy and pumpkins.

History of Independence Day

PBS takes you back in time to learn about Independence Day, or what is commonly known as the Fourth of July.

Valentine's Day Facts

Learn fun facts about the beloved day of celebrating love.

Mayflower History

Learn about the famous Mayflower and the pilgrim's first Thanksgiving.

New Year's Day

Find out the science behind why New Years Day falls on January 1st and other cool facts about the holiday.

Martin Luther King Jr Day

Learn more about Martin Luther and how he influenced America prior to his holiday memorial.

The History of Earth Day

Learn about the special day that symbolizes learning about what we can do to take care of our planet.

Holiday Activities

22 Fun Christmas Games and Activities for Kids

Here are 22 ideas for fun games the kids can play at your next Christmas party or gathering.

Holiday STEM Activities

Try these fun hands on activities for your children ages 3-8 to learn about the holidays and seasons.

Holiday Crafts and Special Days

This site has lesson plans for all the major well known holidays throughout the seasons and some of the lesser known ones as well.

50+ Halloween Activities for Kids

Find fun Halloween themed crafts, games, recipes, and more to celebrate the frightening yet fun holiday.

11 Egg-cellent Easter Crafts for the Kiddos

Have fun with these awesome easter crafts and projects that are more than just decorating eggs.

Valentines Day Crafts for Kids

Have fun with these love themed crafts and projects for kids of all ages and even adults too!

9 Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Learn about Thanksgiving through these fun and free educational games, printables, crafts, recipes, and coloring pages.

28 St. Patrick's Day Craft Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Learn all about luck and St. Patrick's Day with these fun and easy crafts and activities.

Fourth of July Crafts

Don't just watch fireworks, create them! With these easy to make Patriotic treats and crafts for the fourth of july.

21 Fun Presidents Day Activities and Crafts

Celebrate the holiday with fun and free printables from everything to Lincoln's log cabin to George Washington's wig.

20 New Years Crafts and Ideas for Kids

Ring in the New Year by creating fun crafts and learning about the New Year holiday.

Teaching Kids about Veterans Day

Honor our service men and women by celebrating Veterans Day and having fun with these creative ways to say thank you.

40 Thanksgiving Gratitude Activities and Crafts

Learn how to be gracious and say thanks for special things in your life with these fun Thanksgiving themed arts and crafts.

Martin Luther King Jr. Activities for Kids

Learn about Martin Luther King Jr.'s life accomplishments while making fun projects to celebrate his honor.

20 Earth Day Crafts and Activities for Kids

Try these fun and frugal crafts to learn about the earth and how we can celebrate and protect it.

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